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songs for Catholic liturgy

Catholic songs and hymns


It is not our effort but the doings of the higher power.” As members of the church, we have always shared an interest in music. At a point, we thought why not use this God-given talent to glorify the name of the Almighty. That is when 10+ was started, and from then there was no looking back.

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catholic music Training

We also provide professional training classes for people who are interested. We also provide lessons if you want to improve your skills in ensemble playing or reading piano scores.


Every member of 10+ are trained and talented singers who are dedicated and so passionate about music.


We are open entire week so you can meet us at any time of your convenience.


Book us for your events and experience an amazing rendition by the exceptional talents of 10+.



One of the best choirs I have ever seen. They are dedicated and very talented.


Every member of 10+ is so passionate and talented. They make sure to deliver things perfectly.

Serving your growing faith community

Contact us for any queries or bookings. We will be happy to hear from you.



Upcoming careers in music


Love music? And fed up of your same old routine job? Well, you’re in the right place! We have a host of career options which you can consider if you are seriously thinking of building a career in music! Here we go – groovy, peppy career options just for you!

1. Songwriter:

Get that poet and writer in you out in the open! There is a lot of scope for people who are blessed with the ability to come up with creative, innovative and unique content for the music industry. Start writing, create a collection of your own songs. At the same time, work on building your network- you never know how your talent will be recognized, used and famed!

Disc Jockey

2. Disc Jockey:

How about mixing those groovy tracks and literally making the entire club dance to your tunes? That’s what DJ’s do! Being a DJ not only allows you to control the music of the whole club but gives you ample scope and opportunity to be immersed in the music yourself too! So how about taking up DJ’ing as a full-time career option?

3. Music therapist:

This is one upcoming field in the music sector. If you are not so keen on building up your career in the entertainment industry, you can easily make your career in music therapy. A form of alternative therapy, music therapy gives you a lot of scope and exposure to use your education, talent, and creativity in the best possible manner.


4. Journalist:

How about covering the latest music gigs in your city? That’s what’s the job of a music journalist is! So if you’re looking forward to culminating your passion for writing and your love for music, this is the perfect career option for you! And not only that, this job lets you travel as you wish to too!

5. Singer:

Establishing yourself as a singer may be difficult, but why not make a start? Most singers started small, with videos on YouTube – so why can’t you? If you feel you have the voice that will touch the hearts of millions, start recording, posting and promoting yourself – your efforts will pay off one day!


6. Festival and concert co-ordinator:

This will surely put your management skills to the test – the amount of coordination that you have to ensure to make sure a huge gig, concert or music festival runs successfully is something you will know only when you do it! So why not direct all your efforts towards promoting your love for music?